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While traveling on the N2 Highway North-Bound (heading in the direction towards King Shaka Airport), take the M41 (Umhlanga, Gateway offramp). Once you have taken the off-ramp, keep left so that you will be traveling on the M41.

(Please refer to * below)


While traveling on the N2 Highway South-Bound (heading from King Shaka Airport towards South Coast), take the M41 (Umhlanga, Gateway offramp). Once you have taken the off-ramp, you will arrive to a set of robots. Turn right to link up onto the M41 and you will once again come to another set of robots, carry-on straight through this set.

(Please refer to * below)


Once you are travelling on the M41, you are going to pass 2 sets of robots (Pheonix, Northern Dr Robots and Riet River Robots).

You will then arrive at a third set of Robots which are the Verulam Robots, at this set of robots, turn right. Once you have turned right, you will approach another set of robots, drive through this set.

You will now be travelling on Wicks Street. Carry-on on this road, the venue is at the bottom of Wicks Street on the left-hand side.

Mumbai Dream Events Contact Details

Address: 181 Wick Street, Verulam, 4340


Phone: 032 533 8813

Mobile: 083 772 2971

Email: info@mumbaidreamevents.co.za

Website: www.mumbaidreamevents.co.za

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